Goodwill Management Consulting Services

As a business, you need communications to get your ‘publics’ (customers, employees, investors, industry influencers, community etc) to buy into WHAT you do and WHY you do it.

Based on your business objective, you need to create awareness, position yourself, change your perception or engage your audience to build Goodwill.

As a public relations company, we explore and understand your barriers to success and accordingly devise a communication roadmap to overcome these challenges.

The strategies purely depend on the audiences, the existing circumstances and their media consumption habits. We are completely agnostic to type of the media [Earned (Editorial) , Owned (like your website) or Leased (sites where you have a presence like Facebook)] and to the type of the media platform -print, online or broadcast.


Content Creation Services

It goes with out saying that in a communication outreach, it is imperative to decide how you want to position yourself. If you don’t define and showcase how you’d like to be seen, others will do it for you. And that, in no scenario, is advisable.

We advise on and create any content that will be needed to fulfill your communication objective.

These include

– Sales Content: Company Presentations, Corporate Videos, Corporate Brochures

– Press Kit Content: Company Backgrounds, Fact Sheets, Spokesperson Profiles, Press Releases, Event Invitations, Spokesperson Photgraphs

– Thought Leadership: Opinion Articles, Case Studies, Surveys

– Online :Websites, Explainer Videos, Whiteboard Animations, Blogs, Short Videos, Memes, Social Media Posts

Editorial Media Consulting & Outreach

Earned media is the best way to establish credibility for your company and your messages. We help businesses to strategize their editorial media outreach and execute the same across India and more than 15 countries across the world.

Some of the outreach tools include Press Release Dissemination, Press Briefings, Press Conferences, One-to-One Journalist Interviews, Factory Visits, Media Junkets, Article Contributions, Agony Aunt columns, Presence in Industry Articles and Case Study Placements among others.