Founded in October 2002, Pink & White Consulting is a pr agency that offers Goodwill Management Consultancy services.

Whether you are an established enterprise or a start-up, you need to build credibility with your customers and create stronger equity with your employees and other stakeholders. That’s where we come in.

We help you build and manage your goodwill with your ‘publics’.

As a marketing communications and public relations agency, we are focused on solving your business problems through activities that inspire, entertain and educate your audiences.

Whether you want to ward off competition, get a rockstar status in your industry, improve your valuation, communicate your CSR initiatives or are in a serious growth hacking mode, we can suggest and implement ways for you to achieve these in the most refreshing and effective way.


Why the name?

Using the symbolism of  popular media newspaper forms in India -‘pink papers’ and ‘white papers’, we wanted to convey our strengths  in positively influencing corporate audiences and mass audiences. Hence, the name.

Our Strengths

  • Innovative strategic and communications ‘solutions’ approach to customer’s problems
  • Strong media relations skills & understanding of media processes.
  • Exposure with almost all categories of clients- hi-tech, lifestyle, retail, FMCG, education, jewellery, tourism, media
  • Creative use of communication tools & media opportunities
  • Reach across 20 key cities & towns in India & 15 countries worldwide. – Local servicing… Global Implementation